About us

PHILTRA – The Research Center for the Philosophy of Translation aims at consolidating and systematically establishing the philosophy of translation as its own autonomous field of study with specific goals, categories and eventually traditions. To do this, the Center intends to compose a coherent and solid conceptual structure and develop specific paradigms, methods and approaches to the field. The purpose is to build on the resources which are already present - even if often in a fragmented state - on the national and international scene and to bring them into synergy. At the same time, the theme of translation demands the opening of a genuine dialogue between the disciplines that count it among their topics of investigation: from a medium-term project perspective, the Center wants to open up a space for interaction between different methodologies and theoretical approaches to translation, enabling a meeting between philosophy, translation studies, cultural studies, political theory and linguistics. In this regard, the Center promotes translation as a paradigm of cooperation not just between different languages but also between different disciplines by opening up the field to future research in the humanities.

For this reason, the Center aims to bring together those scholars who, in recent years, have turned their intellectual efforts to translation through philosophical strategies. The Center thus conceives of itself as a network of researchers and institutions engaged in medium or long-term research on the question of translation. The theoretical approach unites systematic and critical approaches in a working perspective that allows us to think about the ontological, anthropological, historical and political conditions that make translation possible.