About us

The research center "Space Philosophy" is a hub for researchers who aim to analyse philosophical issues - both theoretical and practical - that arise from space exploration and astronautics.

The Center is committed to pinpoint and investigate:

a) the anthropological and ethical issues raised by space exploration and astronautics;

b) ontological issues related to the classification of objects and elements in cosmic space;

c) epistemological issues related to the criteria and methods (calculation, observation, abduction, etc.) according to which objects and elements in the cosmic space are identified and recognized;

d) the effects of space exploration and potential colonization of other planets on the self-understanding of human beings and on the concept of environment;

e) the aesthetic, ethical and existential characters of space activities, and their historical-conceptual connection with the rest of human understanding;

f) the gradual expansion of human economic, social, political and technological systems beyond the "natural" boundaries of the Earth's atmosphere.