Teaching and Learning Innovation and Sustainability: School, University and Organizational Contexts



Themes: Innovation in teaching learning and organizational contexts (school, higher education, continuing education, professional contexts, health-care and educational services, social cooperatives; Faculty Development; Educational Techonology; Media Education; Data Literacy; Education for sustainability. Activities: international research; development of networks and mainstreaming between scientific community and professional contexts; science dissemination. 


Marina De Rossi, Monica Fedeli, Simone Visentin.


Monica Fedeli

Linee di ricerca a cui si contribuisce

  • Didattica e tecnologie educative
  • Research on inclusion, well-being and sustainability in education

Progetti di ricerca attivi

Titolo: Bridging the gap: connecting pre-service teacher education with in-service teaching for a sustainable

technological pedagogical reasoning (2021) BIRD219431/21

Responsabile scientifico: De Rossi Martina

Tipo di progetto: Fondi di Dipartimento (SID)