About us

The research project “Computerized, Adaptive and Personalized Assessment of Executive Functions and Fluid Intelligence” is a three years project funded in 2022 by the Italian Minister of University and Research (Progetto di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale, PRIN, Prot. 20209WKCLL) started on 01/06/2022. 

The project has the following four aims:

  1. Significantly improving and integrating methods, instruments, and tests for the assessment of cognitive, functional, and socio-cultural components of Executive Functions (EF) and Fluid Intelligence (FI);
  2. Building a new generation of tests for the adaptive and efficient assessment of EF and FI by using knowledge space theory-based approaches.
  3. Comparing the “standard” scoring procedures and the new procedures with respect to the accuracy of the assessment, the capability of discriminating among individuals, and predictive power;
  4. Developing the prototype of an intelligent system of web apps that administers tests, collects and analyzes data, and provides personalized reports with results of the multidimensional assessment and suggestions for rehabilitation for those disorders with impaired EF and FI.

The project's novelty consists in the methodological approaches used for building the assessment tools which are knowledge space theory (KST; see, e.g., Doignon & Falmagne, 2011) and one of its recent generalizations, namely procedural KST (PKST; Stefanutti, 2019). Both of them are mathematical theories for the psychology and neuropsychology efficient assessment and for the personalization of the interventions. An updated list of references for these theories can be found here.