INDIPED – Inclusive/Inquiry/Inventive Didactics & Pedagogy



The research group has been operating for many years in academics, schools and third sector fields, within the scientific disciplinary framework of special and inclusive teaching and pedagogy, with studies, researches, projects and third mission initiatives, with a preference for participatory, communities -based and action-researches. INDIPED is focused on three coaxial thematic lines, which share theoretical approaches and frames, focusing on distinctive problems and core interests: inclusion (inquiry), investigation (inquiry), inventiveness (invention) in education. Among the main topics considered: education for special needs, disability studies, education for all, universal design/for learning, inclusive ICT for education, diversity in human functionings and development, capability approach to well-being/becoming, subjective/collective connective capability; inclusive assessment/evaluation; enhancing pedagogy for inclusion, school/university accessibility, differentiated curriculum/teaching/learning, equality/diversity in education, generative pedagogy, improvisation/invention in education, education as jazz; philosophy for children.


Alessandra Cesaro, Elisabetta Ghedin, Marina Santi, Eleonora Zorzi.


Marina Santi

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Linee di ricerca a cui si contribuisce

  • Research on inclusion, well-being and sustainability in education
  • Didattica e tecnologie educative

Progetti di ricerca attivi

  • Progetto BIRD-FISPPA: DEECCC-SCHOOL: Dislocating education by empowering connective capabilities in the communities"
  • Progetto BIRD-FISPPA: SHIFT. SHaping and Inspiring a Fair Thinking in assessment for equity
  • Progetto BIRD-FISPPA:  "Epistemic virtues and knowledge. Investigating and promoting effectiveness in inquiry"
  • Progetto Eccellenza CARIPARO: Polarization of irrational collective beliefs in post-truth societies. How anti-scientific opinions resist expert advice, with an analysis of the anti-vaccination campaign (PolPost)
  • Assegno SID 2022: On PISA Top