Links and references

Textual analysis is an interdisciplinary field; therefore, it is difficult to draw a list of relevant references with claims of completeness.

It is worth mentioning some specialized conferences and the work carried out by scientific associations:

  • Quantitative Linguistics Conference (QUALICO) organized by International Quantitative Linguistics association (IQLA);
  • Proceedings of the JADT Conferences (Journées d’Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles), online since 1998: Mellet (ed, 1998), Rajman, Chappelier (eds, 2000), Morin, Sébillot (eds, 2002), Purnelle, Fairon, Dister (eds, 2004), Viprey (ed, 2006), Heiden, Pincemin (eds, 2008), Bolasco, Chiari, Giuliano (eds, 2010), Dister, Longrée, Purnelle (eds, 2012), Née, Daube, Valette, Fleury (eds, 2014), Mayaffre, Poudat, Vanni, Magri, Follette (eds, 2016), Iezzi, Celardo, Misuraca (eds, 2018), JADT 2020 (online papers only), Misuraca, Scepi, Spano (eds, 2022 Volume1, Volume2);
  • Annual conferences organized by Associazione per l'Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale  (AIUCD);
  • DH conference series of The European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH);

book series:

wiki Comprehensive web-based free-content encyclopedia of linguistics: Glottopedia  

bibliographic lists:

books of the GIAT group:

  • Bernardi L. (2008, ed), Il delta dei significati: uno studio interdisciplinare sull'espressione autistica, Carocci editore, Roma (ISBN: 9788874665495);
  • Cortelazzo M.A., Tuzzi A. (2007, eds), Messaggi dal Colle. I discorsi di fine anno dei presidenti della Repubblica, Marsilio Editori, Venezia (ISBN: 9788831794640);
  • Gambarotto F., Cortelazzo M.A. (2013, eds), Parole, economia, storia. I discorsi dei presidenti di Confindustria dal 1945 al 2011, Marsilio Editori, Venezia (ISBN: 9788831717038);
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  • Tuzzi A. (2018, ed), Tracing the Life Cycle of Ideas in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Springer, Cham (ISBN 9783319970639, ISSN 2199-0956);
  • Tuzzi A., Cortelazzo M.A. (2018, eds), Drawing Elena Ferrante's Profile, Padova University Press, Padova (ISBN: 9788869381300). Free download.