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Ambito disciplinare Psicologia Applicata

Tipologia finanziamento Istituzionale

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Data avvio: 2 January 2013

Data termine: 2 May 2014


Importo: € 417.195,00

Partner: COORDINATORE *: Andalusian Public Foundation “Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Andalusia”, Mediara, Sevilla – Spain. Partner: Università degli Studi di Padova, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psycology FISPPA), Italy; Pragmata Politika Mediation Organism, Padova, Italy; Program for the Development of Judicial System, Sofia, Bulgaria; Chamber of Commerce of Suceava, Suceava, Romania; University Stefancel Mare, Suceava, Romania; Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Center, Athens, Greece; The Foundation for European Initiatives, Brough, England; Institute PIP – Legal and Information Center, Maribor, Slovenia.


EIRENE designs and implements an European communication strategy on mediation as a recommended tool to solve conflicts and disputes in Europe. The project intends to deepen the culture of mediation as a sign of identity of European countries. The strategy will address this issue for three specific target groups: young people, businesses and legal practitioners, using cities of the participating countries as a testing ground, using mainly new technologies.

Obiettivi: Specific objectives to be accomplished could be described as follows: - Improve knowledge of, and how to use mediation as an effective and cost efficient tool to resolve disputes between the groups selected. - Build a culture of dialogue and promotion of active listening. - To achieve a reduction in conflicts by the use of pre-conflict resolution tools - Provide the target groups with the appropriate tools to solve their problems and an understanding of the how conflicts can escalate to a situation where formal Conflict Resolution is required. - Create new opportunities where conflict resolution is seen as the best way to resolve complex disputes.

Piano delle attività: “EIRENE” is the name of the Godess of peace in ancient Greece and Mediation could be considered as an optimal way to fight against conflicts and violence. According to general and specific objectives, EIRENE basically promotes the existence of an European Culture of Mediation, through the design of effective and efficient communication and awareness actions. To achieve this objective, the project is structured as follows: 1. – EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCES - Kick-off Meeting and visits to analyze the situation of the advanced mediation systems in the UK. - Situation analysis of mediation systems in each of the participating countries. 2.- MARKETING PLAN - Determination of the core messages for communicate. For example a slogan and corporate image to be used in all communication activities. - Selection of specific target (citizenship, with special attention to students, legal practitioners and companies). -Selection of communication channels, with special emphasis on the use of new technologies - Planning of specific actions. 3. – PILOT PLAN FOR DISSEMINATION - Educational Community: Seminars, informational specific video, social networks, posters and leaflets. - Justice/legal Professionals: outreach sessions, professional networks, posters and leaflets - Companies/Business: outreach sessions, advisory services, on-line mediation issues, informational specific video, social and professional networks, posters and leaflets. - Citizenship: European Day of Mediation e.g. information booth. Outreach, including seminars, conferences, posters and leaflets. - Development of a EIRENE Project Website. 4. – EVALUATION OF RESULTS AND IMPACT AND MANUAL OF GOOD PRACTICES FOR THE DISSEMINATION OF THE MEDIATION SERVICES IN EUROPE - The project will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of all the activities developed in each country. - Design of a document specifying the steps to implementing a effective dissemination plan of Mediation issues. - Closing Meeting in Brussels.