Administrative offices

Corrado Manoli

The service carries out the following activities:

Purchasing of goods and services

  • Passive cycle management
    • Orders
    • MePA (e-Procurement application)
    • Payable invoices settlement
  • Goods and services procurement
  • Order management
  • Conferences and events goods and services purchase
  • Inventory management

Patrizia Casotto
Emma Mocerino



Budget, accounting and tax

  • Active cycle (incoming revenue)
  • Cash flow
  • Research projects accounting  (U-GOV application)
  • Transfers between different entities
  • Petty expenses fund
  • VAT
  • Budget variations
  • Credit card purchase

Luca Brusamento
Roberta Cosimo



Research, postgraduate and conference accounting

  • Administrative and organisational aspects relating to conferences (conference invitations, payments, etc.)
  • Passive cycle
  • Reimbursements of expenses
  • Settlement of third party fees
  • Term contracts payment
  • Scholarships payment
  • Financial plans relating to the postgraduate training offer

Michela Marini
Chiara Zarpellon

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Teaching contracts and special teaching projects

  • Passive cycle
  • Teaching contracts
  • Contracts for supplementary teaching
  • Visiting
  • Settlement of teaching contracts
  • Management of calls for proposals for teaching support and settlement of assignments


Elena Agostini
Federica Ripamonti


Administrative and accounting services -  via Venezia

  • Administrative secretariat
  • Mission administration

Giacoma Licitra
Maria Antonella Nacci (30%)