R&D - Internationalization

Marco Santagati

The service carries out the following activities:

  • Funding from competitive calls for proposals (management from call for proposals to reporting):
  • international (Horizon 2020, Erasmus +, etc.)
  • national (Prin, ministerial calls for proposals, etc.)
  • University initiatives (summer/winter school, talents, visiting scientist, etc.)
  • BIRD (SID and DOR)
  • Management of contracts and agreements (equity and non-equity)
  • Third-party activities
  • International collaboration agreements
  • Research grants
  • Calls for proposals for research support activities
  • Comparative procedures (research grants and contracts)
  • Funding for scientific and cultural initiatives
  • Technical support for research evaluation exercises (VQR)
  • Technical support for updating the Padua Research Archive database – IRIS
  • Support to departmental bodies in reference to research planning and monitoring

Georgia Giacomelli
Verdiana Morandi
Elisa Salvato 
Marco Santagati

Research, development and internationalisation services – Via Venezia, 14 Campus
Antonella Nacci (70%)